Connie Pombo is the author of three books and contributing author to numerous anthologies including: Chicken Soup for the Soul; A Cup of Comfort; Extraordinary Answers to Prayer; Angels Miracles and Heavenly Encounters by James Stuart Bell; Love is a Verb; Love is a Flame with Gary Chapman; I’m Glad I’m a Mom by Jill Savage; and God Allows U-Turns by Allison Bottke. She has written hundreds of articles on a variety of subjects, including world travel, breast cancer, and family issues. She enjoys sharing her love of writing at writing conferences, where she teaches “How to Write a Winning Chicken Soup Story” and “How to Become a Travel Writer.”
     As a child, Connie lived in Japan while her dad was in the Air Force and later in Italy for six years where her older son was born and ten years in Cuenca, Ecuador where she and her husband volunteered in orphanages and taught English as a Second Language.

    Connie and her husband Mark have two grown sons, two lovely daughter-in-loves, and four grandchildren. When not writing or speaking, Connie enjoys shell collecting and diving for sand dollars in the emerald green waters of Anna Maria Island, Florida.

    For more information you can reach her at: conniepombo@hotmail.com.