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Articles on Breast Cancer: 

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Organizations for More Information:

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For a complete list of support groups, resources, and books visit the Young Survival Coalition's Guidebook.

Information on Support Groups

My first experience with a breast cancer support group was not a positive one; in fact, I remember leaving half way through vowing never to return.  Support groups are not for everyone, but those who have had a positive first experience tend to return.  I have friends who have belonged to the same support group for more than 20 years.  The key is finding the one that works best for you.  You may have to try several before finding the right fit, but it’s worth it!  Or maybe you would like to try starting your own group at your church or community organization. 

The following are some guidelines to follow that I have found helpful and allow for the best experience possible. Feel free to modify the schedule.

Introduction of group and discussion topic   (2-3 minutes)                                     

Review of Mission Statement and Values (optional)     (1-2 minutes)                   

Review of House Rules (important!)     (1-2 minutes)                                              

 *Include in this the importance of privacy, a person’s choice of treatment, discussion time and the importance of not monopolizing time, etc.

Celebration of Life      (3-5 minutes)                                                                      

  *A time to celebrate the good things that happened that week—not necessarily cancer related.                                                                                        

Teaching Topic    (15-20 minutes)                                                                               

 *This may include a  special speaker, video clip or handouts.

Discussion Time      (30-40 minutes)                                                                           

*Meet at tables (no more than eight) with questions related to the discussion topic. Assign a group leader to watch the time and involve all participants. Have everyone go around and introduce themselves first and then lead into the discussion one question at a time.  

Closing Announcements     (1-2 minutes)