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Speaking Topics

Speaking topics by Connie Pombo, CPT, are suitable for a variety of audiences, including healthcare corporations, hospitals, oncology groups, cancer support groups, churches, and community health organizations. If you are looking for a fun-filled, inspirational speaker for your next event, Connie is the one for you!


  "Connie will move you from laughter to tears; her ability to connect with the audience is amazing. We will definitely have her back!"

~ Meeting Planner, Pharmaceutical Corporation 

"Hope and Healing Breast Cancer Survivor Luncheon," Hampstead, Maryland. Connie spoke on one of her favorite topics: "Touched by a Coffee-Loving Angel" from Chicken Soup for the Coffee-Lover's Soul book which contains her breast cancer survivor story.  (Use sample as a guide to style, not content.)


Saying Goodbye to Stress Forever: It has been said that "stress" is one of the biggest contributors to cancer. Connie's life changed drastically after she heard the words "you have cancer" and made positive improvements in the way she lives life: physically, mentally and emotionally. Connie is one of the contributing authors to the upcoming Chicken Soup book "Say Goodbye to Stress" (May 22, 2012) where she and her husband, Mark, share how they made dramatic changes to living a stress-free life. (Keynote - 45 minutes)

Living the Passionate Life!

What if you were told you only had a year to live? What would you do differently? In one moment, Connie's entire life changed. Cancer was a wake-up call-life is short and each moment is precious. Learn what really matters most and how to change old patterns into new ones to create the life you were meant to live -- enjoying a life full of joy and passion with new meaning and hope. This inspirational and thought-provoking journey is life changing, Learn how to change setbacks into passionate new beginnings! (Keynote -  45 minutes).

Surviving and Thriving

Connie shares how she survived, not only earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions, but also the greatest challenge of all--cancer.  The principles that sustained her through natural disasters, also allowed her to "survive and thrive" after cancer.  Whatever life brings your way, you, too, can learn to survive and thrive! (Keynote - 45 minutes)

What’s Humor Got to Do with It?

Did you realize if you laugh 10-15 minutes a day, you can lose 50 calories?  If you do that for an entire year, you can lose up to 4.5 pounds?  That’s a significant health benefit—that means you can throw away those exercise videos that you never use!  But more importantly, there are emotional benefits as well.  Connie shares how humor helped her get through the painful side effects of cancer treatment and how patients and healthcare workers can benefit from the “side effects” of laughter! (Keynote - 45 minutes)

Cancer is Only Skin Deep! 

Skin cancer is on the rise!  As a California girl, Connie basked in the glow of the sun without much thought to future consequences. Seven years after her breast cancer diagnosis, Connie heard the words "skin cancer." Although her biopsy came back as basal cell cancer, it made her realize once again that cancer is an emotionally-charged word and her thinking had to change. Not only does Connie share ways to prevent skin cancer, but to celebrate the things in life that cancer can never take away!

Caring for the Caregiver: A Plan to Stay Sane!

In this interactive keynote, Connie shares the strategic role the caregiver plays in giving and receiving. In order to take care of the patient, the caregiver needs to take special care to avoid burnout. Connie has been on the receiving end of caregiving and on the giving end.  She shares the signs and symptoms of a frazzled caregiver, how to stay sane to take care of the patient, and most importantly practical ways to seek help and maintain "balance" in this unique role of caregiving. (Keynote 45- minutes, appropriate for all caregivers and their families!).  


Understanding the "Patient" Personalities: As a CLASS Certified Personality Trainer (CPT), Connie shares how the four different personality types react to the cancer diagnosis. When cancer strikes, our responses are not the same. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type will help the cancer survivor, family, friends and health professionals communicate more effectively. 

Trading Ashes for Roses: In Connie's poignant and humorous style, she shares how she overcame her fears and discovered true joy and passion!  When Someone You Know Has Cancer--What to Say and How to Help:  Based on Connie's book, Trading Ashes for Roses, Connie shares helpful hints for the survivor, caregiver, family and friends on what to say and how to help! She includes excerpts from her journal that guides you through each phase of the cancer journey. This course has been described as "Cancer Etiquette 101." 

A  Survivor's Guide to Life After Breast Cancer: As a 12-year breast cancer survivor, Connie candidly shares about her life before and after breast cancer: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. She shares techniques that she found helpful along each passage of the journey.  

Caring for the Caregiver:  Learn ways to take care of yourself while caring for the one you love. Caregiving is a full-time job and not one you applied for. With one in three people being affected by cancer in some way, chances are you will be caregiving for someone during your lifetime: a friend, a relative, or a spouse. In this seminar Connie discusses how to take care of yourself while caring for the needs of others.


Writing to Heal:  In this seminar you will learn to explore the therapeutic benefits of journaling through the roller coster of emotions that occur during the cancer journey. Learn techniques that express your innermost thoughts. Connie's workshops have been described as life changing as she guides you through the positive benefits of writing. Bring your favorite writing instrument and journal! 

Writing to Publish: Take your writing to the next level and learn how to get published. Connie shares the principles that guided her into publishing success. In this two-hour workshop, she guides you into the "secrets" of the publishing world and how to develop a query letter that works. She even shares the "Chicken Soup" formula! 

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