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Connie Pombo

Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Writing Coach

Connie Pombo is an inspirational speaker, writing coach, and published author of four books. She has contributed to over thirty-five stories in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and written numerous articles on topics such as world travel, breast cancer, and family issues. Connie's work has been published by Guideposts, International Living Magazine, Coping with Cancer, Cure Magazine, and Woman's World Magazine. At writing conferences, she shares her expertise in "How to Write a Winning Chicken Soup Story" and "How to Become a Travel Writer."  As a 27-year breast cancer survivor, Connie is a member of the National Cancer Survivor Day Network

As a child, Connie lived in Japan due to her father’s Air Force career, then in Italy fox six years with an evangelical mission board, and later volunteered in orphanages and taught English as a Second Language in Cuenca, Ecuador, where she and her husband spent ten years. Connie is passionate about writing, coffee, and dark chocolate (not necessarily in that order), and can often be found collecting shells or diving for sand dollars in the emerald-green waters of Anna Maria Island, Florida - her home. You can follow her adventures on Facebook at Anna Maria Island Adventures and her blog at

Currently, Connie is secretly working on her first novel, which she plans to unveil in the near future. If you'd like to stay informed about her upcoming book releases and other news, sign up for her quarterly newsletter. Additionally, newsletter subscribers have the opportunity to win a coaching session on "How to Write a Winning Chicken Soup Story" and be the first to know about book bundle giveaways.

"You are truly a dynamic woman and I cannot thank you enough for your presentation at our Breast Cancer Survivor's Luncheon. The women connected with every word you said. I watched as heads nodded across the audience.  You made an amazing connection with survivors, but our physicians as well." 

Heidi Volpe, Event Coordinator, Frankford  Hospital, PA 

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