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Love is a Choice

Just in case you're not familiar with Gary Chapman's Love Languages, you'll be delightfully surprised by this new spin on an old book. I was first introduced to the Love Languages many years ago at a Bible Study (The Five Longuages): Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Receiving Gifts. Through that study I learned my husband's love language and he learned mine. It changed our lives!

Later I was asked to write a story for one of Gary's compilations titled: Love is a Verb (hardback). My story was "Pulling Weeds on Blossom Trail." And now all these years later, Gary has done a spin on that compilation and chose twenty-eight stories. Now "Pulling Weeds on Blossom Trail" has found a new home. As a writer for hire, I don't get discounts on the books, but you can purchase it wherever books are sold or on Amazon. After each story, Gary Chapman gives a commentary on each story and discusses the love language in action.

My husband and I have the same love language (quality time spent), which may be the secret to our long marriage; it will be 50 years in the year 2025. It seems impossible, but it's true. And now that we're "retired" it's fun spending so much time on the beaches of Florida collecting seashells together. It's like a never ending treasure hunt!

Until next time... Connie & Mark

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