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To Catch a Sunset

I'm a sunset chaser. Ask anyone who's been in the car with me and watched me swerve off to the side of the road to catch a sunset. To say I'm passionate about sunsets is an understatement.

When we lived in Cuenca, Ecuador we never really saw a sun set because of the altitude; we only got the colors after the sun disappeared behind the Andes Mountains. Don't get me wrong, they were spectacular -- some of the most amazing display of colors I've ever seen. But nothing beats a sunset on the beach -- my favorite kind of sunset. And I love the mixture of clouds with the setting of the sun instead of just a fireball type that you get on a clear day. The clouds make the colors pop and they're much more intense.

Of course, there's so much more that goes into sunset colors, including the ice crystals in the clouds. Little things make a big difference in the overall effect. Much like our lives, we need a few clouds and lots of sun. At least that's how I see life. We can't really appreciate the beauty of the moment if we haven't endured a few trials by fire. Trust me, I'd rather have clear skies and beautiful sunsets every day, but that's not how it works. Maybe that's why I love the cloudy sunsets the most; they show off their most brilliant colors. Let me know what's your favorite type of sunset! Passionately yours,

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Capi Cohen
Capi Cohen
13 de jun. de 2021

My favorite sunsets are ones that paint the sky hot pink, fuchsia, and purple.

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