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World Laughter Day!

If there's something the world needs now, it's World Laughter Day (May 1, 2022).And what better gift to give your mom on Mother's Day -- the gift of laughter. I happened to find the perfect card to go with this book:"Mom, I've always looked up to you...all my love on Mother's Day. The mama giraffe and baby giraffe are just perfect!

Unlike Mother's Day in the past, I won't be in California to celebrate with my mom. We're entering a new phase in life. My mom is now in assisted living after many bone fractures. She's doing well, but it's an adjustment. My dad still lives at the "Brentwood Ranch," but he visits her every day for lunch.

I now understand why this isn't always the easiest of holidays for many. I've adjusted to the fact that this is the beginning of the slow goodbye, but I'm so grateful that I've had my mom for 92 years and counting. What a blessing!

Until next time,

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