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He is Risen

As I sat in church this Easter Sunday, I couldn't help but think of the war in Ukraine. We're celebrating the risen Christ and rejoicing in the new life we have in Him; yet, our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are wondering if they'll even live to see tomorrow.

When we lived in Ecuador for ten years, there were political uprisings and they were scary: tanks, machine guns, tear gas, riots, burning tires, and even death. One thing that stood out to me was the fact that Ecuadorians took it all in stride. I thought to myself, my passport determines my future. What if I had't been born in the States, what would my life be like? And if things got difficult or unsafe, I had the choice to leave. My citizenship was in America, but my residency was in Ecuador. I always had choices. Others simply don't have that luxury.

Having lived in Japan, Italy and Ecuador, I know that my life is unique. I have a perspective that most Americans don't have--a multicultural perspective. I feel that it's a gift and I'm grateful. It also reminds me that I'm just passing through; this isn't my home. My "citizenship" is in heaven. And that truth guides everything I do.

Wishing you a blessed Easter full of hope and promise!

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