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In the Soup Again!

Updated: Mar 25

Just in time for Easter and Mother's Day -- Chicken Soup for the Soul: Mothers and Daughters is available in bookstores and online. It will make a great gift for family members and friends! My story is titled, "Kiss the Cook" about my beloved mother-in-law. She was full of wisdom and grace.

Almost fifty years ago, she sat us down before we got married and said, "You can come to me with anything, except your marriage problems." Mark and I looked at each other and thought, What's she talking about? It was the best advice we have ever received!

I'm having a book giveaway, so the first one to leave a comment about their mom and why she's the best, will receive Chicken Soup for the Soul: Mothers and Daughters and my new book: Be Still Gratitude Journal.

Until next time,

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Of course my mom’s the best, she believes in me and she taught me to sew! But someone else should win your giveaway.

Replying to

I love your answer -- "she believes in me." That's a winner right there. And the bonus is she taught you to sew. I have to tell you, I sure used my seam ripper a lot when I was learning to sew and started with Simplicity patterns. When we lived in Italy, they made their own patterns. I don't think I sewed for years after that!

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