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Sandbars and Seashells

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

Hebrews 11:1

Sandbars are an interesting phenomenon and I might add, a hazard for boaters. In this picture I'm standing on a sandbar collecting seashells and sand dollars. Often I'll skip from sandbar to sandbar all afternoon. And then there are the sandbars that are several hundred feet from shore. I leave those alone, but I pity the boater who has to run up on it.

I marvel at the courage of those who can swim out to a sandbar. From far away, it looks like they're walking on water when they stand up. But it can change so quickly and then you're stuck. For that reason, I hang around sandbars that are close to the shore.

Sandbars are one of those things people avoid completely or they run to them and enjoy all the hidden treasures that lie just below the surface. Our faith is a lot like sandbars; most of us don't want to swim toward danger; we like to hang around close to shore where it's safe.

One day I'll stretch my faith a wee bit and swim out to the sandbar; you're welcome to join me!

Until next time...

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